Working with the Media as an Exhibitor at HIMSS18

Share the news of your exhibit at HIMSS18.

Now is the time to announce that your company will be exhibiting at HIMSS18. Let reporters, bloggers and social media influencers in healthcare and health IT know that your company is exhibiting. Use the HIMSS18 Exhibitor Talking Points in the toolkit for content on the conference for your release or article.  

  1. Include the HIMSS18 hashtag: #HIMSS18
  2. Follow these content tips:
    • Focus on the value of your product or service to the patient/consumer: How does your company use IT to improve health?
    • Use layperson’s terms and avoid technical jargon.
    • Post the news release or blog post on your website.
  3. Enhance the news with visuals and other information.
    • Use visuals, such as a video interview with the CEO or company spokesperson, if available. Include the video link in the news release or blog post.
    • Add a photo of the person quoted as part of the content. Be sure to include a caption with the person’s name and title.
    • Link to other relevant content available on your website that supports your exhibit at HIMSS18, such as a podcast, a graphic from a research report, a white paper, etc.
  4. Share the news with reporters and your social media audiences.
    • Send the news release or blog post to:
      • Reporters on your media list
      • Reporters and social media ambassadors on the pre-registered media list that HIMSS provides to all exhibitors*
        The first pre-registered media list will be available on December 5, 2017, after the complimentary webinar for exhibitors.
    • Share the release or blog post via your social media channels.
    • Make sure others can share the information from your website with social media sharing buttons.
    • Review and use the HIMSS18 Social Media Tips.
  5. Attend the complimentary webinar, “Managing Media Relations at HIMSS18,” on December 5, 2017.
    Join the HIMSS communication team and influencers who cover healthcare and health IT for this webinar to learn more about working with media who will be at HIMSS18 in Las Vegas.


Managing Media Relations at HIMSS18

Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 2–3 p.m. EST
This 60-minute webinar focuses on using the pre-registered media lists, setting up one-on-one interviews with media, sharing your news on the HIMSS Online Press Room, and using the Media Interview Room. It includes a panel of 2–3 members of the media who will be at HIMSS18 and will share their perspective on the news they look for at the conference.

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Joyce Lofstrom
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