Uncover the Power of Innovation at HIMSS18

Drones flying overhead to deliver medical supplies to healthcare professionals and patients in the most remote parts of the world…

Doctors monitoring and maintaining the health of astronauts orbiting 250 miles above the earth on the International Space Station…

Health systems partnering with a ride-sharing app to minimize missed appointments and no-shows…

A whole world of innovation awaits you at HIMSS18.

Innovative uses of information and technology offer endless benefits to healthcare organizations and to the health and lives of individuals, families and populations around the world. It ensures accurate information is available at the point of care. It enables personalized care based on a patient’s profile and needs. It enhances the patient and provider experience. It improves patient safety and outcomes. It reduces the cost of care. And the list goes on and on.

Disruptive innovations like artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain, precision medicine, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and more have been healthcare game-changers – and new cutting-edge advances are always on the horizon. At HIMSS18, you’ll hear from innovative leaders who are transforming health around the world, interact with groundbreaking solutions on the forefront of healthcare, and discover creative approaches to your biggest challenges – all at one time, all at one place.

Lifesaving deliveries by drone
Zipline operates the world’s only drone delivery system at national scale to send urgent medicines to those in need. Its founder and CEO, Keller Rinaudo, offers valuable insights during his keynote presentation, “Innovative Leadership, Robotic Technology and the Future of Healthcare.”

Disruptive technologies driving the future
Healthcare is being transformed by disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, biometrics, blockchain, IoT and virtual reality. Get up-close and personal with these and more at the new Innovation Live.

Telemedicine in outer space
How does NASA take care of astronauts who are really far away from home? You’ll hear about it at the Views from the Top session, “Caring for Astronauts in Space: The Role of Telemedicine at NASA”. You’ll also be inspired by other compelling and innovative “Views” stories, including “Non-Emergency Medical Transportation: Better Health Outcomes with Ridesharing” and “Inspiring Digital Health Innovation: Transformative Insights from Across the Globe”.

Consumer-facing solutions
Achieving positive clinical outcomes and better control of the cost of care are prime deliverables for connected health. Hear presentations, watch demos and interact with the latest connected health technologies – from digital therapeutics to  telehealth to wearables – at the Connected Health Experience.

Innovations that are transforming health
The explosion of innovations over the last few years is changing healthcare. Find out what it can mean for you and your organization during HIMSS18 education sessions on blockchain, IoT, precision medicine, predictive and prescriptive analytics, virtual reality, population health management, and more.

Creative thinking for your biggest challenges
Have your colleagues found solutions to challenges that you’re facing? Exchange new ways of thinking about top-of-mind issues as you connect with colleagues from around the world at the HIMSS18 Opening Reception and a variety of other networking events.

Discover the newest innovative advances. Open the door to new opportunities. Walk away energized and excited as you uncover the promise of what’s new and what’s next.

HIMSS18: Where the World Innovates for Health.