Students Defining the Future of Transformative Care Today

By Tom Leary, executive director, HIMSS Foundation
Tom Leary

The HIMSS student case competition, Defining the Future of Transformative Care Today, provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience to apply to their emerging careers that isn’t always accessible in a typical classroom or lecture hall setting.

Working together with a team of bright and like-minded health IT students, the student groups rolled up their sleeves and quickly got to work navigating HIMSS-supplied case studies. As part of the competition, the students analyzed a unique case study and then applied recommendations that support up-to-date health information and technology practices.

The HIMSS Student Case Competition, funded by the HIMSS Foundation, provides opportunities for interdisciplinary teams comprised of undergraduate, graduate, residents, or Fellows to demonstrate proficiency in understanding of the vast body of knowledge that comprises health information and technology.

The competition was established with a generous donation honoring former HIMSS employee Marc Holland. Though his life was unexpectedly cut short, Marc’s passion for health information and technology inspired the judging panel as they sought to discover the winning student case competition participants.


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The winning groups were able to successfully create a response to a future state of the HIMSS-supplied case study, create a slide deck that supported their findings, present the future state and field questions about their work. Their work was also assessed based on:

  • Understanding of the current situation presented in the HIMSS-supplied case study
  • Formulating an updated strategy that will create a future state for the organization
  • Including technology and policy recommendations needed to transform care
  • Articulating the impact to workflow on the journey to achieving the future state
  • Engaging a public policy component through advocacy
  • Demonstrating superior presentation skills and comfort with the subject matter

2019 Winning Student Case Competition Teams

We’re excited to share with you the names of the first, second and third place teams.

First Place
Big Red Consulting Team: Cornell University, Sloan Program in Health Administration
Anand Chaudhari, BS, MHA
Madeline Haftel, BS, MHA
Jean Marte, BHSA, MHA

Second Place
UAB Blaze Team: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Peyton Muskett
Jonathan Patterson, MBA
Candis Riggs

Third Place
GWU HIMSS: George Washington University (GWU), Milken Institute School of Public Health
Bushra Islam
Samuel Meyers

Seeing the hard work that evolved from this competition helps one put into perspective just how dedicated and engaged the next generation of healthcare leaders is already proving to be. A huge congratulations to the finalists above, and a sincere thanks to all participants, faculty advisors, staff and volunteers involved. Although we were only able to select a limited number of finalists, all students attained valuable knowledge and experience to better equip them for their career in health information and technology.

Empowering Future Leaders of Health

The HIMSS Student Case Competition was made possible through generation donations contributed to the HIMSS Foundation, the philanthropic arm of HIMSS.

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