New Opportunities to Get Patients Everywhere Their Care Takes Them

By Lyft, a HIMSS19 participant

Every year, over 3.6 million people can’t get the care they need because they don’t have access to transportation. These missed appointments and the resulting care delays adversely affect elderly and lower income populations — while costing the U.S. healthcare system $150 billion annually.

For all these reasons, leading healthcare organizations are eliminating the gap to care and improving health outcomes through better transportation solutions — decreasing costs for patients, payers and the government.

By starting to care for patients the minute they step out the door, these leading organizations — including health systems, transportation brokers, payers and emergency health record vendors — are proving it’s possible to delight patients, improve health outcomes and reduce costs all at the same time.

Delight patients. Rideshare as a solution for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is growing in demand, with nearly one-third of all passengers using Lyft to get to or from a medical-related appointment, according to Lyft’s annual Economic Impact Report. Proprietary data also shows eight of 10 patients prefer rideshare to traditional healthcare transportation.

For example, ALC created custom pickup and drop-off zones for large hospital campuses and medical offices across the country, and provides on-demand courtesy rides to patients. One logistics company reduced transportation costs by 30 percent, with total projected cost savings of $8M+ a week, and reduced wait times by 40 percent after partnering with a healthcare transportation partner. Read more here.

Improve health outcomes. As more healthcare experts begin looking at care in more holistic ways, they are beginning to appreciate that the health benefits of transportation extend beyond just getting to medical care appointments. Social and economic factors, such as access to healthy food, housing status, educational attainment and access to transportation, account for 40 percent of overall health, according to the American Hospital Association.

Furthermore, early results from an ongoing study with USC/AARP/UHC show that unlimited free rides improved quality of life by 90 percent for seniors and increased their physical activity by 35 percent.

Reduce costs. On average, healthcare organizations reduce patient no-show rates to below the national average and cut ground transportation costs an average of 32 percent.

For example, when a health plan offered traditional taxi and private car NEMT options, members complained about long wait times and discourteous drivers. Today, their transportation broker sends on-demand and scheduled rides to patients. As a result, they have reduced costs 39 percent and wait times by 45 percent — while increasing member satisfaction to 98 percent and member safety to 96 percent. Read more here.

Making Every Ride Matter at HIMSS19

For decades, the American Cancer Society (ACS) has helped cancer patients access transportation to and from treatment through its Road To Recovery program. For the past three years, Lyft has been a part of the ACS mission of helping provide rides to life-saving appointments. Through the partnership, the ACS provides Lyft rides in 13 cities, including Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles and Denver.

“Every day, thousands of cancer patients need rides to treatment,” said Daniel Widner, vice president, regional distinguished partners for ACS. “We provide cancer patients with the critical transportation that is literally saving their lives. We’re proud that Lyft is an important part of that effort. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with a strong partner who makes social good a priority.”

“Our partnership with the American Cancer Society is more than a business relationship,” said Megan Callahan, Lyft’s new vice president of healthcare. “It’s about demonstrating our commitment to improving access to care for everyone, across the spectrum of need.”

For the second year in a row, as part of our ACS partnership, Lyft is donating 5 percent of every business ride to the Road To Recovery program during the HIMSS19 conference, which takes place in Orlando February 11-15, 2019.

“The continued alliance is a testament to the success of last year’s partnership,” says Widner. In support of cancer patients everywhere, we invite partners, colleagues, and friends to join our effort to make every ride matter. Visit the Lyft VIP area at the HIMSS19 opening reception (Monday, February 11th at 5:00pm in the Valencia ballroom) to pick up your RIDE4ACS pin.

Here’s how to participate:
Tap your avatar in the top left corner of your Lyft app.
Tap Settings.
Tap Business Profile, and follow the setup steps, or skip to Step 4.
Go to your menu and tap Promos to enter RIDE4ACS.

Learn more at

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