Meet Herman – The Influencer

​​​​By Herman Monserrate, CPHIMS, CSPO, senior business architect; HIMSS Champion of Health

Herman is a senior business architect in Puerto Rico. As an influencer, he facilitates, teaches and collaborates with cross-functional teams to create technology that improves individual and population health. His favorite part of his work is receiving satisfaction calls from his teams, and being able to transfer his knowledge and experience to newer generations.

I create technology that improves the patient experience and reduces costs.

I am part of the vision and decision-making team that creates enabling technology to improve the patient experience and reduce the cost of care. Services we provide include interoperability, data aggregation of clinical and financial data, physician practice management systems, business intelligence visibility, actionable data, revenue cycle management and care coordination.

My day starts at 6:30 am with a hearty breakfast, going over recent news and events and reviewing my agenda for the day. During my daily 40–50 minute driving commute to the office, I have phone conversations with customers and coworkers. My work area is comprised of market research coworkers, product owners and a UX/UI specialist, all working for the product and market department. During the morning, I have an agile scrum daily hurdle with a special team that works for a care coordination project within our value-based business and product lines.

As the senior business architect, I am also the product owner for our value-based, interoperability and population health initiatives. I interact with some of the business stakeholders, the CEO and the product development group at our offices in North Carolina on a daily basis. I also have one-on-one interaction with our vice president of product development to help translate the voices of our customers from the business side to development groups.

During my lunch, I catch up with my other voluntary work with HIMSS as the HIMSS Puerto Rico Chapter President. After my work shift, which usually ends at 6:00 pm, I go for a one-hour workout, and then I reach my home and shift my mind to being a husband.

One of my biggest challenges is “evangelizing” the value of interoperability.

I work with all value-based, interoperability, population health and care coordination services in the business, technology, services and product areas. Among my biggest challenges is what I like to call "evangelizing" the value of interoperability, data aggregation and actionable health data to the whole healthcare ecosystem in Puerto Rico to improve population health. I work to harmonize patient-providers-payers in using health technology and sharing health data.

My motivation is improving patient health.

My motivation to work in health information and technology started back in my early career when I worked for an organization that created custom software solutions, some of which were for hospital markets. Participating in the team that delivered the idea for a solution that ultimately improved clinical decisions for patient care developed a passion in me to impact patient health.

Change is equal to progress. What keeps me motivated is the vision of achieving the Triple-Aim goal in Puerto Rico. I strongly believe that creating enabling services and technologies for the provider is the closest point to the person that really matters, which is the patient.

My favorite success story involves Hurricane Maria and the cloud.

When Hurricane Maria passed through the island, my organization was able to maintain its services so that 85% of the physician market that uses either our practice management system, clearinghouse, revenue cycle management service or EHR solution could keep their services up and running and provide needed healthcare services to our community in the hurricane’s aftermath.

We established satellite locations all across the island and provided a work area for the physician office managers and billers to continue their operations. Our products are all cloud-based solutions, so we were up and running. On an individual side, I also collaborated in helping one of the largest single hospitals re-establish their EHR system so they could have patient information readily available to provide services.

My superpower is influential leadership.

I lead and influence by facilitating, teaching and collaborating with cross-functional teams.

My kryptonite is negativity and laziness.

Seeing pessimism, intellectual laziness, lack of commitment and unethical behavior in any environment weakens my spirit.

I am a champion of health because…

I am an advocate of the HIMSS vision and mission of "Better health through information and technology" and “Globally, lead endeavors optimizing health engagements and care outcomes through information and technology.” I’ve spent more than 22 years in the healthcare industry providing knowledge to health organizations so they can be even more efficient, while facilitating caregivers with the infrastructure and tools necessary for improved clinical outcomes and better health.

The views and opinions expressed in this blog or by commenters are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of HIMSS or its affiliates.


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