Lost and Found at #HIMSS18

By Adam Bazer, senior manager, health information systems, HIMSS North America

At first, it’s frightening. Overwhelming. I know where I am going. I don’t know where I am.

It’s easy to get lost. Tens of thousands of people filling the space around you. All taking different paths on similar journeys. All focused on finding the novel, the new, the next.

And so you stop. You look up. You look at the map in front of you. You look at others around you. You realize it’s okay, there’s a path, breadcrumbs to follow. There’s a way to the imaginative, the inventive, the innovative. You’re in the right place.

Since the first HIMSS conference in 1962, spring blooms thousands of beautiful flowers from the seed of an idea. The idea that we need to focus on the impact information and technology can have on our health. An idea that we need to convene to find consensus.

Hundreds and then thousands, now tens of thousands of people living and working in healthcare and technology assemble upon a single location every year, the HIMSS conference. And from that gathering, stories of successes, stories of surrender, stories of solidarity are shared. Thousands of insights discovered. Thousands of solutions sought. Thousands of words witnessed.

Special thanks to those who shared their #HIMSS18 stories of success, surrender and solidarity. The words that follow are a compilation of thoughts and ideas from HIMSS18 attendees, @340BRPh, @AlexBardakh_LTC@amber_cansler, @boissyad, @CarlaMSmith, @CoherenceMed, @drnic1, @eenmag, @HealthITNews@HIMSS, @HITpol, @Intermountain, @jameyedwards, @johnmoehrke, @JohnNosta, @JWarbington, @kate_sheridan1@Lygeia, @MaraDaiker, @MichelleTroseth, @MMaxwellStroud, @nickisnpdx, @NiravJModi, @RasuShrestha, @realHayman, @roses1800, @SamKorach, @sarahbennight, @SumitSharma930, @thomas_castles

Getting Lost and Found and Lost Again at HIMSS18

I may have found my new calling
Quenching an insatiable thirst
In just one day
Dots being connected, and hugs
Quality reporting and poor gambling decisions
Migration and legacy
Definitely need more of this

4...3...2...1 and we are going live
5 things to do
58,000 steps
40 bikes built in 43 minutes
25 years of attendance
99% of our time as people and 1% as patients
3. Add time for when you get hopelessly lost. 4. Apologize. 5. Get lost again.

This is getting a bit silly
There's a dangerous combination of #HealthIT nerds and gamblers on this flight
They behave irrationally in highly predictive ways
They’re A State of Mind
This is what friendship is made of. Heart.
This is the momentum we need.
To ask the question, will technology make us more human?

We need to start with empathy
“I was just on the phone before coming on stage because I have records in two medical systems and they don’t talk to each other”
We need time. We need time to heal.
Better choices
We’ve been crawling for 30 years
The more we integrate, the more we will be able to define what we need
It’s a matter of if we have the strength and courage to move forward

Tonight I met these fine gentlemen from Norway
Today, we celebrate the leadership
What makes floating on this rock through space meaningful
Impressive, classy, and filled with gratitude
Mentors, supporters, friends, learners, rock stars
Reunited with my TIGER
Thank you for connecting us