An Innovator’s Guide to HIMSS20

By Maura Little, Executive Director at Cambia Grove; Nick Dougherty, Managing Director at MassChallenge HealthTech; and Stephen Konya, Senior Innovation Strategist at HHS/ONC. Powered by Together.Health.

It’s that time of year again! If you’ve ever been to the HIMSS Global Conference before (or as the cool kids say “#GloCon”), then you’re well aware of the madness and excitement that will be unleashed when 45,000+ registered attendees and their related events overtake the entire city of Orlando (or any of the other cities it’s previously been hosted in). And if you happen to be a first time attendee, then you better buckle up for the #HIMSSanity!

Most attendees will spend weeks if not months before preparing for their annual HIMSS pilgrimage, hoping to maximize their time and activities while at this truly one of a kind global event. And if you happen to be an innovator who’s about to be baptized in the “HIMSS experience,” and are just now beginning to explore the online schedule-at-a-glance, are relying on using the official HIMSS Mobile App, or worse yet, are thinking about showing up and simply “winging it,” then boy are you in for a big surprise. But have no fear, Together.Health is here!

Whether the goal is to learn something new through the countless educational sessions, interact directly with peers and thought leaders at the never ending list of dedicated networking events and receptions, wander the exhibit floor, or to take advantage of unlimited B2B meeting opportunities, knowing where to start or how to organize each day can be extremely overwhelming. And not just for new comers, this is true even for those who year-after-year have a history of making the annual pilgrimage. And we’ve consistently heard that for those who consider themselves “innovators,” it can be even harder to navigate everything when seeking when and where you should be to get the most value out of your attendance. This is why we’ve partnered with HIMSS to develop this Official Innovators’ Guide to HIMSS20!

What do we mean by “Innovator”?

Well, do you consider yourself an early adopter who implements and tests emerging technology and novel approaches? Are you an entrepreneur or developer who builds new technology and is seeking to bring it to market? An investor who financially supports the builders and implementers of new technology and novel approaches? Do you work with or for an incubator, accelerator, bootcamp, hospital or corporate innovation program, association, or membership network that supports healthcare innovators? Then you are exactly the type of innovator we have in mind!

Spaces and Places

First things first, get your bearings. There is a guide for first time attendees, and a logistics guide was just emailed out to everyone on the HIMSS list serve, but there are a few key spaces that you should be aware of, including specialty pavilions & sessions located in and around the conference site location. These places are where the bulk of the “innovation” related activities will be taking place, and where you’ll have the greatest chance to bump into, interact with, and catch countless innovation thought leaders dropping some mind-blowing knowledge.

So if you’re ever not sure of where you should be, or have some time to kill in your agenda, then we highly recommend you find you way to these locations daily from Tuesday through Thursday;

  • Debut Square, Lobby E, which includes the following activities;
    • Market Debut: Tuesday, March 10, 10:15 am – 5:35 pm
    • Nurse Pitch Competition: Thursday, March 12, 9:30 am – 11:30 am
    • Full daily agenda for Debut Square is available here (Tuesday – Thursday)
  • Innovation Live: Exhibit Floor, Hall E, Booth 8200
    • Tour 50+ startups and 50+ emerging technologies
    • Collaborate and network with industry leaders
    • See live demos and real world implementations
    • Attend thought leadership sessions
    • Full daily agenda for Innovation Live is available here (Tuesday – Thursday)
  • Healthbox: Exhibit Floor, Hall B, Booth 2633
    • Meet with innovation experts and investors
    • Learn about innovation and digital strategy development and execution
    • Explore examples of impact-driven innovation programs
  • Healthcare of the Future: Exhibit Floor, Hall C, Booth 4943
    • Try emerging technologies firsthand
    • Hands-on demonstrations
    • Attend thought leadership sessions
    • Full daily agenda for Healthcare of the Future is available here (Tuesday – Thursday)
  • Intelligent Health Pavilion: Exhibit Floor, Hall E, Booth 7273
    • Attend 75+ leadership and innovation sessions
    • Tour a smart home and hospital
    • Experience five themed mini conferences
    • Full daily agenda for the Intelligent Health Pavilion is available here (Tuesday – Thursday)
  • Interoperability Showcase: Exhibit Floor, Hall E, Booth 8300
    • Experience world-class education
    • Discover the latest products
    • Participate in real-time connected demonstrations
    • Sign up daily for 25 minute use case demonstration tours
    • Full daily agenda for the Interoperability Showcase is available here (Tuesday – Thursday)

Special Collaborator Events and Partner Programming

As you may have noticed, HIMSS puts a lot of effort and attention into its educational sessions, “Views from the Top” presentations, and special keynotes, etc. But what may not be as obvious to you, is that there are numerous other pre-conference forums, collaborator events and partner programming that have their own planning committees and agendas. Many of which require a separate registration process and in some instances, an additional fee. For your consideration, we’ve highlighted below those which we feel have a unique focus on supporting innovation;

Day by Day Schedule

Ok, we get it. Even the above “slimmed down” version is events, sessions, etc. is too much to digest in one setting, and you really don’t have time left to build your own schedule. Well, in that case, we’ve gone ahead and broken down for you, day by day, what we would suggest as the best schedule to follow. Open the Day by Day Schedule PDF.

Calling All Changemakers

No matter where you are in the world, you can be part of what’s next for health. View digital resources, a content showcase and social media highlights on the HIMSS Global Health Conference Digital Experience page.

Be Part of the Change