HIMSS20 Inspiration: Reinventing Diabetes Care with Telehealth

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The speaker: Deanna Larson

The inspiration:

How do you view the intersection of healthcare and technology? Please answer this question as it relates to your own subject matter area.

At a time when recent studies show significant disparities between rural health and urban health outcomes, digital health technologies show strong potential to provide around-the-clock access to lifesaving expertise. For example, with one in three Americans projected to have diabetes by 2050 and a shortage of endocrinologists to treat them, it’s clear that new approaches to diabetes care and management are needed. Use of telehealth can offer innovative care solutions to manage diabetes with real-time access to health experts at any hour, live monitoring of symptoms, instant notifications of high need for intervention, and remote coaching and consultation.

What emerging trend do you see in your area of health information and technology in the next year?

One emerging trend I’ve seen is greater acceptance of the power of virtual care to improve quality of care and health outcomes while reducing waste. There is a move toward “digital-first care,” wherein digital health technologies are viewed as must-haves rather than nice-to-haves. This is especially true when it comes to meeting the needs of medically complex patients, such as those with chronic disease. In 2020, we’ll begin to see an explosion of data from expanded use of virtual care to treat vulnerable populations, and this data will reinvent the ways in which we approach care for these populations.

The Session: Reinventing Diabetes Care with Telehealth

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