HIMSS20 Inspiration: How to Support Emerging Technologies? Create Value for the Buyer and the Innovator

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The speaker: Ashish V. Shah, CEO, Prepared Health

The inspiration:

Can you share one take-away from your presentation at the HIMSS20? What will attendees learn that they can use in their work setting or on the job?

Change is hard, especially around innovation development and implementation. We’ll talk through how we created a win-win partnership between a leading health system (Jefferson Health) and an emerging healthcare technology company (Prepared Health). We’ll share how we worked together to create value for the buyer and the innovator, how Jefferson managed resources to potential innovations to ensure continuity and efficient rollouts, and why it’s important to align your legal team with the innovation process to minimize the pain for entrepreneurs.

Can you share a quote or reflection that inspires you every day in the work you do?

I’m always inspired by Thomas Edison’s philosophy of failing your way to success. We’re in constant pursuit of excellence and many times that requires trial and error. But if you do the right things for the right reasons, good things will ultimately follow. Understand your values, stay focused and committed, and look for like-minded partners to create value.

The session: How to Support Emerging Technologies? Create Value for the Buyer and the Innovator

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