HIMSS20 Inspiration: A CIO’s Strategy for Single EHR Integration

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The speakers: Geoff Brown, CIO of Piedmont Healthcare system, Atlanta, GA; Ann Crow, PMP, Senior Client Services Manager, CTG

The inspiration:

Can you share one take-away from your presentation at the HIMSS20? What will attendees learn that they can use in their work setting or on the job?

My goal is to share field-tested strategies I’ve employed at Piedmont during an extended period of intense growth. The overall success of a merger depends very much on the ability to successfully build high performing teams, integrate systems and effectively govern throughout. This is often difficult to accomplish. Over the course of four years, my team integrated seven hospitals to create an 11-hospital health system all on a single EHR. In our presentation, we’ll share change management and staffing recommendations based on the Piedmont journey. I will identify some of the most common pitfalls and the approach used to integrating multiple facilities onto a single EHR.

Can you share a quote or reflection that inspires you every day in the work you do? 

One quote that I’ll share is “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t  you’re right.” This quote from Henry Ford has stuck with me both professionally and in my personal life.

The session: M&A Success Story: A CIO’s Strategy for Single EHR Integration

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