HIMSS20 Inspiration: Achieving Patient Engagement in a Mobile-First Market

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The speaker: Kevin Montgomery, Relatient's CTO

The inspiration:

How do you view the intersection of healthcare and technology?

We talk about it all the time but technology really is the front door to healthcare providers. Patients want access and they don’t see any reason their healthcare experience shouldn’t mirror that of their other consumer experiences, this is even truer as patients shoulder more of the financial burden. Technology is the way to do this, and it’s something providers have to be thinking about because today’s patient isn’t loyal like our grandparents’ generations were. They see options in the marketplace and they will choose the provider who meets their needs. We have to find ways to unlock patient access.

Can you share one take-away from your presentation at the HIMSS20? What will attendees learn that they can use in their work setting or on the job?

One of the biggest takeaways from our presentation at HIMSS2020 is that technology is only useful to organizations if it fits within user workflows. We see this all the time, where leaders make a decision to select a technology only to later learn that the solution has created extra work or isn’t intuitive to the staff. Leaders need to understand how technology will be used day-to-day and how it will or won’t fit inside of the meaningful processes already in place before they can know if it will save time or deliver ROI.

The session: Achieving Patient Engagement in a Mobile-First Market

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