HIMSS19 Takeaways: It's Time to Implement

By Danielle Siarri, MSN, RN, Lead Publisher, InnoNurse; a HIMSS Social Media Ambassador

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Danielle Siarri, MSN, RN

Health information technology has evolved with the patient at its core while HIMSS has also evolved and the membership landscape has diversified. My top takeaways from HIMSS19 are in the areas of cybersecurity, augmented reality, diversity and nursing.

The Future is Now to Implement

At HIMSS19, cybersecurity had a major showing. The landscape of cybersecurity is a varied space with the human factor, coding vulnerabilities and flawed incident responses all creating cybersecurity risks. Cybersecurity is not just one department but everyone’s responsibility in health IT.

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Augmented reality in healthcare platforms with real hands-free EHRs can minimize the physician, surgeon and nurse anesthetist clinical workflow. This next step is using augmented reality glasses during patient care with a focus on patient safety, by interacting with the patient while being able to document in real-time.

Watch Anthony Chang, MD, talk with HIMSSTV about how artificial intelligence won’t replace the empathy doctors can provide to patients but smart machines can reduce the time clinicians spend on computers.

The unseen press corps has a new generation. I am seeing more women, especially women from diverse backgrounds sharing their voice: podcasters, photographers and bloggers. These fresh faces are covering HIMSS with a new lens and take on health IT with varied clinical and technical backgrounds representing nursing, femtech, women’s health, the HIMSS African-American Special Interest Group, and HIMSSTV.

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Media attending HIMSS19

Media attending HIMSS19 @ThisIsTobiTalks, @innonurse, @FailaPereira, @iris_frye

It was an international showing of countries presenting in the education session, pavilions and hospital tours from HIMSS Europe Nordic countries, Austria, Canada, Isreal, Korea, Japan, France and more. Brazil had over 200 delegates engaging and telling their story from working on stage 7 at a hospital to their own takeaways from their first HIMSS conference.

This year HIMSS collaboration with ANA, ANIA, nurse entrepreneurs took center stage. Nurses were speaking on social determinants of health (SDOH), winning awards and learning “data management as a part of the nurse practice act.”

Be Social Your Way

Attendees at HIMSS19

Attendees at HIMSS19 @ThisIsTobiTalks, @techienurse4eva, @BhindtheDrape, @AfricaDauphiney

The applications of social media techniques are boundless. Whether it is strictly online or bridging the connection offline, you can always find your voice. I find researching the companies before and after HIMSS conferences to be valuable. By starting a connection on social media then continuing the conversation has undeniable advantages. Social platforms usage varies by country, sex and age group. The most important is to find your tribe and share content that is valuable to your audience.

Can’t wait to see you all at HIMSS20.

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