HIMSS19 Pharma and Life Sciences Sneak Peeks

As you begin to map out your journey to HIMSS19, consider exploring some new and exciting educational sessions focused on life sciences, pharma and more to maximize your weeklong learning experience.

For instance, brand new to the educational forum lineup this year is the HIMSS19 Pharma Forum. The series of educational sessions will focus on the current state of the industry with a special focus on pharma-provider-payer collaborations. You’ll learn what to keep an eye on moving forward as collaborative relationships and early-stage partnerships spur the birth of a new and exciting age of medicine.

Pharma Forum

Tuesday, February 12 | 12:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Rosen Centre | Grand Ballroom C
Cost: $350 | Learn more

If you’re eager to learn about the latest on all things life sciences and medicine in digital health in 2019, here are more stops to consider making along your journey to HIMSS19.

The Global Challenge of Medicine Fraud

As chronic disease becomes more and more common throughout the general population, the need for effective medication to treat lifelong conditions grows exponentially.

For those in low- or middle-income countries, getting effective medication is a real challenge – especially when 1 in 10 medicine products circulating in those countries is either substandard or falsified, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Reports show that WHO has received around 1,500 reports like this since 2013 – which is when the organization became aware of and started tracking the issue.

“Substandard medical products reach patients when the tools and technical capacity to enforce quality standards in manufacturing, supply and distribution are limited. Falsified products, on the other hand, tend to circulate where inadequate regulation and governance are compounded by unethical practice by wholesalers, distributors, retailers and healthcare workers. A high proportion of cases reported to WHO occur in countries with constrained access to medical products.”
-World Health Organization

During the second module of the HIMSS19 Life Sciences Forum, find out from healthcare fraud experts and global pharmaceutical security experts what it will take to safeguard the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain

Wednesday, February 13 | 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
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The Opioid Epidemic: Innovating for Improvement

Technology alone can’t solve the major public health crisis facing the U.S., but 2018 HIMSS Davies Award recipient Mercy Health proved that it does show promising potential to become part of the long-term solution.

As discussed in their HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 use case, Mercy Health first addressed the opioid epidemic by developing an evidence-based order set (opiate withdrawal-focused) and nursing assessment (Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale – COWS) facilitating inpatient treatment and/or symptom management for patients experiencing withdrawal. The organization also rolled out an opiate-free emergency department program in one of their facilities to reduce overall opioid prescriptions issued in the emergency room by transitioning to other treatment alternatives for pain management.

Mercy Health, now a 2018 Davies Award recipient, will join us at HIMSS19 to share their most recent chapters in fighting back against the opioid epidemic. In this educational session taking place during the Best Practices Symposium: Leveraging Information and Technology to Combat Opioid Addiction, discover how Mercy created an opioid analytics platform that leverages electronic medical record data to identify at-risk patients, improve prescribing behaviors and more.

Leveraging Analytics to Change Prescribing Behavior

Monday, February 11 | 11:15 am – 12:15 pm
Separate symposia fee required | Learn more

Medicine Solutions of the Future

If you’re looking to learn about the future of medicine, look closely at the rise of genomics. When genomic data becomes more readily available, we’re hopeful for a future consisting of less trial and error, with more customized solutions for patients.

Get a glimpse into the future of medicine during the Global Genomics Forum, which will feature a triage of sessions focused on the clinical genomics revolution, precision medicine platforms, and the current and future state of genomics implementations in electronic health records. Explore more sessions taking place during the Global Genomics Forum.

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Precision Medicine Summit


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