HIMSS18: A Retrospective

By Lee Kim, JD, CISSP, CIPP/US, FHIMSS, director of privacy and security, HIMSS North America

This is the tenth year of my working with HIMSS. I have been a HIMSS employee for the past five years and, previously, I served as a volunteer for five years, at both the local and national levels.

HIMSS provides unique insights, valuable information and excellent educational and networking events for the healthcare and public health sector. One of the most impressive offerings is the annual HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition which happens annually.

The general consensus of many, including myself, was that the HIMSS18 Global Conference & Exhibition was the best HIMSS conference yet. As a staffer, I spent most of my time at the HIMSS Cybersecurity Command Center on the exhibit floor at HIMSS18. It was an absolute delight to see past and present HIMSS privacy and security volunteers, including those from our distinguished HIMSS Privacy and Security Committee. It was also rewarding to see people learn and engage. We had a number of excellent educational sessions in the HIMSS Cybersecurity Command Center theater area.

The 2018 Cybersecurity Survey

Last, but not least, my colleague, Rod Piechowski and I released the results of our 2018 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey at the HIMSS18 Global Conference & Exhibition. The results showed a number of interesting data points, including data about threat actors and how these threat actors may initially compromise computer networks and systems. Based upon these analytical findings, phishing is a significant threat to our healthcare and public health sector. Another significant threat is also an organization’s end users (e.g., negligent insider threat activity, such as a lost laptop or mobile device).

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In a nutshell, advancing the state of healthcare cybersecurity is not as easy as we would like it to be – in the absence of sufficient budget and resources.

I wholly anticipate that the next HIMSS global conference, HIMSS19, will be a smashing success. 

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