#HIMSS18 #DesignDispatch: Learning From Benchmarking and Iterative Usability Testing

By Adam Bazer, senior manager, health information systems, HIMSS North America

Few things excite me more than iterative usability testing. Seriously. No, really. How can you not love iterative usability testing?!

Maybe it’s just the design geek in me, but iterative usability testing is the forge that turns potential solutions into the steel of specific products. Each iteration revealing new understanding about how the product will actually be used. Each iteration refining the relationship between the why and the how of the product. Each iteration bringing more use to the user.

During the session, Benchmarking and Iterative Usability Testing: A Case Study, Robert Gluck, human factors engineer at ArcSource Group, Inc., and William Plew, usability specialist at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs discuss how the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Human Factors Engineering team did for VHA’s Office of Connected Care over a 14-month period to assist with the design of the My HealtheVet (MHV) Patient Portal. The speakers cover the benefits of combining benchmarking studies with iterative user testing during website design to provide rapid feedback in concert with agile sprints in the portal’s design.

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Workflow Informed Decision Support Tools for Nursing Homes: In this session, Mustafa Ozkaynak, assistant professor at University of Colorado-Denver describes the results of a qualitative, descriptive study which was designed to inform a richer understanding of the characteristics of nursing home work that allow for incorporating workflow considerations into clinical decision support system design in this setting.

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