#HIMSS18 #DesignDispatch: Can We Design Our Way to Innovation?

By Adam Bazer, senior manager, health information systems, HIMSS North America

It’s true, and deep down you know you can’t ignore it anymore.

Doing things the same way because that’s the way they’ve been done doesn’t work anymore. Your competition is now global. Your commodification is imminent. The days of easy access to attention is over.

Welcome to your disruption.

How can organizations innovate their products and services to exceed the demands of the current market place? How do you ensure that innovation is a strategic imperative at your organization? Well, Amy Cueva, founder and chief experience officer at Mad*Pow, and Jacob Reider, MD, chief executive officer of the Alliance for Better Health, have an answer to your organization’s innovation needs: human-centered design (HCD) and design thinking.

During their March 5 Innovation Symposium session, Design Thinking Your Way to Meaningful Innovation, Cueva and Reider discuss how HCD and design thinking methodologies are being successfully adopted and used to identify and tackle key challenges and work in healthcare. They share best practices in engaging end users (e.g., clinicians, patients etc.), spotlight participatory design/co-creation activities, behavior change design and organizational design for innovation teams.

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