Health Information and Technology Topics to Immerse Yourself in at the HIMSS Global Health Conference

During the opening days of HIMSS20, attendees will unpack key topics that play a pivotal role in the evolution of healthcare and how it cares for patients. With programs focused on education, networking and problem solving, attendees of these forums and specialty programs will focus on the top health information and technology trends shaping the future of healthcare.

These programs will provide an immersive conference experience—ensuring attendees leave with actionable insights they’ll put into practice when they return to the office.

Add value to your conference experience and immerse yourself in any of these five topics at HIMSS20.


What is HIMSS about if it isn’t the transformation of healthcare through the application of information and technology? Within all the demands for growth, efficiency and transformation, healthcare organizations must possess innovation as a core competency. During these programs attendees will hear from experts on solutions that produce value for patients, clinicians and the organization—information key to improving healthcare for everyone.

Innovation Programs at the HIMSS Global Health Conference

Innovation Forum  |  Scaling Your Startup: A Workshop for Entrepreneurs  |  Health 2.0 VentureConnect

Patient Engagement

Now more than ever, healthcare organizations are making patient engagement and experience a top priority. Patient satisfaction and health organizations’ bottom lines converge as quality care improvement controls costs and provides an important differentiator in an increasingly competitive healthcare market. During these programs, attendees will dive into how to close the gap between a clinician’s desire to do right by the patient and the ability to do it seamlessly and cost effectively.

Patient Engagement Programs the HIMSS Global Health Conference

Patient Engagement & Experience Forum  |  Aging & Tech Forum  |  Consumerization of Health Forum 

Data and Information

As more organizations adopt technologies like cloud, AI and blockchain to drive innovation, they need to go beyond enterprise-wide strategies for optimizing their investment and utilizing the data captured. Outside of security concerns, interoperability difficulties, technology and compliance challenges, organizations need to understand how to leverage the tools most effectively to move healthcare forward. During these programs, attendees will dive into how to close the gaps in protecting, collecting and using the data that’s at their disposal to provide better care.

Data and Information Programs the HIMSS Global Health Conference

Cybersecurity Forum  |  Cloud Forum  |  Machine Learning & AI for Healthcare Forum  |  Pop Health & SDOH Forum


The world is changing for big pharma. In the age of digital therapeutics, we’re seeing a major shift away from the traditional fee-for-service models in healthcare, toward the ultimate goal of value-based care. However, the key to innovation and a true value-based care system across healthcare is collaboration between pharma, providers and payers. During these programs, attendees will dive into how to bridge the gaps between these players in order to move healthcare forward.

Pharma Programs the HIMSS Global Health Conference

Pharma Forum  |  Clinical Research Informatics for the Pharma Industry Workshop

Revenue Cycle

Revenue cycle improvement has never been more important—or more challenging. Similarly to care itself, the new frontier in revenue cycle management is maneuvering in a world where patients are at the heart of organizational strategy, and their consumer behaviors dictate a new way of thinking about financial services. During this program, attendees will dive into managing the revenue cycle to not only improve collections but patient experience.

Revenue Cycle Programs at the HIMSS Global Health Conference

Revenue Cycle Optimization Forum


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