#HCLDR and #HITsm Chats, Social Media Ambassadors Set Stage for #HIMSS19

The HIMSS19 Global Conference & Exhibition serves as an industry opportunity to gauge both where the industry is and where it is headed as it enters a new year. Given the size of the spectacle about to take place in a few short weeks, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the flurry of learning and takeaways shared both in person and on social networks.

This year, the HIMSS Social Media Ambassadors have compiled a series of questions that will explore challenges and opportunities that today’s and tomorrow’s leaders in health information and technology should keep top-of-mind going in to HIMSS19 and beyond as they cover new ground in health innovation and quality care improvements. Join the HIMSS Ambassadors and the #HCLDR community to unpack these topics on Feb.5.

Just days before the conference on Feb. 8, the HIMSS Social Media Ambassadors and the #HITsm community will share best practices and offer guidance on how to make these leadership opportunities actionable using social and digital media. In line with their mission, the Ambassadors and the health IT social media community will lay groundwork for how they can contribute to collective innovation efforts with great content, social networking and digital savvy.

Share your voice. Get involved. Connect with other leaders.

#HCLDR – Exploring opportunities for health information and technology leaders in 2019

  • T1: If so much of an individual's health depends on everyday behaviors, how do we support lasting change in those behaviors with health information and technology? #HCLDR
  • T2: How can health information and technology enable clinicians to focus on quality care and master the patient experience at the point of care? #HCLDR
  • T3: What stakeholder voices should be elevated to accelerate meaningful change in the relationship between health, information and technology? #HCLDR
  • T4: What social determinants of health (access, policy, housing, nutrition, literacy, etc.) are significantly impacting peoples’ well-being? How can tech and data enable progress in these areas? #HCLDR
  • T5: Will familiar players like hospitals and EHR vendors be able to reinvent the industry or will they be challenged by retail clinics, remote care, consumer tech? #HCLDR

MARK YOUR CALENDAR - The #HCLDR Twitter chat will take place Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 7:30 p.m. CT.

#HITsm – The role of social and digital media in enabling health IT innovation

  • T1: What three topics or trends are you expecting to emerge from the #HIMSS19 conference & exhibition? #HITsm
  • T2: How can the collective health IT social media community prevent #HIMSS19 from becoming an echo chamber and bring meaning to what is learned this year? #HITsm
  • T3: What types and formats of content shared on social media are conducive to sustained learning and progress in health information and technology? #HITsm
  • T4: What platforms and mediums should thought leaders be using to best connect health information and technology audiences with the content they care about? #HITsm
  • T5: How is social media serving as an innovation platform itself in health and healthcare – versus merely enabling innovation that happens elsewhere? #HITsm

MARK YOUR CALENDAR - The #HITsm Twitter chat will take place Friday, Feb. 8 at 11:00 a.m. CT.


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