Is Cybersecurity Your Top Priority?

Cyberattacks in healthcare are still on the rise. Cyber criminals continue to target health-related information due to its sensitive nature and enormous value. And data vulnerabilities continue to escalate. Yet, less than half of healthcare information and technology professionals express confidence in their organization’s overall level of cybersecurity, according to a recent survey conducted by HIMSS Analytics.

As cyberattacks evolve, so do ways to prevent them.

There is much to be done… creating insider threat management programs, regularly conducting risk assessments and penetration testing… preparing for attacks, thwarting attacks and having a rapid, effective response in the event of an attack.

Healthcare organizations must take appropriate steps to enhance their cybersecurity programs and protect their information and assets from those who want to steal them. Increasing employee awareness and training is a top cybersecurity priority for healthcare organizations; and, over the next two years, organizations will need to expand employment for those focusing specifically on cybersecurity.

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