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HIMSS19 wouldn’t be complete without spotlighting exciting advances in the Canadian digital health community. On Feb. 12, HIMSS19 attendees can join us at the HIMSS Canadian Forum to stay up-to-date.

“HIMSS has been following a detailed plan for expanding our support of the Canadian digital health community for a few years now and the results of those efforts are beginning to come to fruition,” said Lorren Pettit, HIMSS vice president responsible for HIMSS’ Canadian outreach. “The most significant outcome of this plan to date involves HIMSS membership activities. From July 1 to Dec. 31, 2018, HIMSS’s membership in Canada grew over 20%.” HIMSS also joined as a proud partner for Canada’s 2018 Digital Health Week.

As the enterprise continues to expand its formal presence in Canada, we also welcomed the new Canadian Prairies Chapter of HIMSS, which kicked off in December 2018. Additionally, the HIMSS19 Canadian Forum will be the second year in which a full slate of programming specifically highlighting digital health in Canada is offered. Attendees can expect to hear from leaders in the Canadian digital health space in a three-fold series of educational sessions highlighting Canadian digital health advances in technological adoption, thought leadership, and clinical IT best practices.

TECHNOLOGICAL ADOPTION: Remote Patient Monitoring

As many health systems begin the transition to value-based care, maintaining focus on patient engagement is critical for improved outcomes. However, this need for increased engagement is often most significant among the most vulnerable, chronically ill patient populations such as those suffering with conditions like congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. During this session at the Canadian Forum, learn from telemedicine champions The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the Ontario Telemedicine Network how they’ve leveraged it for success.

Learn more during this session:
Remote Monitoring Shows Significant Pop Health Benefits

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Digital Solutions for Empowerment

Without consistent and meaningful metrics obtained from digital health solutions, achieving improved outcomes will inevitably be a challenge. That’s where the Empower Activation and Engagement (EAE) model comes in. During the session you’ll learn more about this model, the result of several rounds of interdisciplinary exchange between health and computer science, as well as the inclusion of a patient collaborator – plus more. “As one interested and involved in the field of patient engagement, I have personally benefited from their EAE model in articulating the difference in these three terms… terms which have often been used interchangeably within the digital health industry,” Pettit said. “I am very pleased we will be able to expose their model to an international audience at HIMSS and trust it will help refine and advance the industry’s use of the terms Empowerment, Activation and Engagement.”

Learn more during this session:
Empowerment, Activation and Engagement for Digital Health

CLINICAL IT BEST PRACTICES: Best Practices Presented by HIMSS Davies Award Recipient

The Canadian health system and 2018 Davies Award Recipient, The Centre of Addiction and Mental Health, will be presenting findings from one of their three award-winning Davies use cases. The presentation will focus of clozapine medication stewardship and how the health system’s efforts led to improved outcomes for patients suffering from schizophrenia.

Learn more during this session:
Clozapine Medication Stewardship

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We hope you’ll join us at the HIMSS19 Canadian Forum! Find out more about the sessions and add it to your conference schedule today.


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