6 Health Information and Technology Topics to Immerse Yourself in at HIMSS19

Explore how the brightest in health information and technology leverage their assets to innovate toward a more sustainable healthcare system. The opening days of HIMSS19 affords attendees the opportunity to unpack the following topics in an immersive pre-conference experience – ensuring that they have actionable insights to put into practice when they return home.

Patient Engagement – Strategic Patient Experience Improvement

Now more than ever, healthcare organizations are making patient engagement and experience a top priority. Patient satisfaction and health organizations’ bottom lines converge as quality care improvement controls costs and provides an important differentiator in an increasingly competitive healthcare market.

State of the Industry
Technology is a valuable tool that helps close the gap between a clinician’s desire to do right by the patient and the ability to do it seamlessly and cost-effectively. And while more healthcare systems are integrating solutions in their workflows, there's still work to be done. A recent HIMSS Media survey found 59 percent of hospital systems believe that patient experience is a top priority, while 52 percent say innovation is still needed in the field.

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JoAnn W. Klinedinst, MEd, CPHIMS, PMP, DES, FHIMSS, FACHE vice president, Professional Development, HIMSS shares the hot education topics for HIMSS19.

Cloud Computing – The Aim for Secure Accessibility

As more organizations adopt the cloud, they need to go beyond enterprise-wide strategies for optimizing their investment. Outside of security concerns, interoperability difficulties, technology and compliance challenges, organizations need to understand how to leverage the tool most effectively.

State of the Industry
According to HIMSS Analytics, 65 percent of healthcare systems are currently utilizing the cloud within their organization.

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Revenue Cycle – Mapping a Vision to the New Consumer Landscape

Revenue cycle improvement has never been more important - or more challenging. Similarly to care itself, the new frontier in revenue cycle management is maneuvering in a world where patients are at the heart of organizational strategy, and their consumer behaviors dictate a new way of thinking about financial services.

State of the Industry
Sixty-eight percent of annual HFMA/Navigant survey respondents said revenue cycle IT budgets will increase over the next year. This is down from 74 percent in the previous year, suggesting spending in this area is slowing.

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Precision Medicine – Moving Precision Medicine into Primary Care

As artificial intelligence and machine learning take shape within healthcare, we’re seeing an increase in the speed at which we’re able to process data. Not only has this lead to innovation and expedited discoveries, but we're able to provide more personalized care.

State of the Industry
As we continue to see advances in gene editing technologies and innovations in the genomics field, precision medicine continues to show promise in healthcare. What is not possible today could be within reach in a very short time as research catches up with the data and innovative approaches.

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Machine Learning & AI – Contextualizing AI for Healthcare

Machine learning and artificial Intelligence in healthcare is still very much in its infancy, and with it comes big challenges with technology, terminology, and perhaps most daunting, how to introduce this potential transformative solution into existing healthcare workflows.

State of the Industry
There’s a ton of buzz around machine learning and artificial intelligence and the role they’ll play in revolutionizing and improving healthcare, but what are these evolving technologies, how are they different, and what are the multiple layers of use? No complex health IT ever created has been plug-and-play. The same goes for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Pharma – Exploring the Pharma-Provider-Payer Relationship (The Last Step to True Value-Based Care)

In the age of digital therapeutics, we’re seeing a major shift away from the traditional fee-for-service models in healthcare, towards the ultimate goal of value-based care. However, the key to innovation and a true value-based care system across healthcare is collaboration between pharma, providers, and payers.

State of the Industry

While we’re seeing more partnerships emerge between digital therapeutics and pharma companies – and separate partnerships between payers and providers collaborating, there seems to be a missing link in having all stakeholders work in unison. This is a lost opportunity in improving outcomes, health, research and innovation, and reducing costs. A huge leap in the right direction is the collaboration between pharma, providers, and payers. From there, we can begin to see the shift towards a true value-based care system across healthcare.

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