5 Reasons the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase™ is Worth Your Time

By Tina Joros, vice president and general manager, Open Business Unit, Allscripts Healthcare; part of the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase™ initiative

The HIMSS Interoperability Showcase, part of the HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition, demonstrates interoperability – the ability for different technology systems to communicate – in real-time with actual products in the marketplace. The following guest post shares the impact seamless data exchange can have on patients, providers and caregivers.

Tina Joros

How do you break through the interoperability clutter? Despite the vast number of conferences, meetings, webinars, panels, whitepapers (and, yes, blog posts) focused on the topic, people in our industry are hungry for real insights and worthwhile collaborations.

So, when the 2018 HIMSS Interoperability Showcase attracts 8,000 people, you know it did something right. Here are five reasons it sets such a high bar for industry interoperability events.

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1. It pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. Last year, there were 17 demonstration use cases in the theater. These stories bring together a group of companies to deliver a workflow that’s never been done before. For example, we participated in a use case called Connecting Virtual Teams: Smart Care for HepC, involving a scenario where a patient in a rural community requires a liver transplant. Working alongside other vendors and industry innovators, we focused on data sharing, virtual collaboration and provider education to enable smart care during this patient’s transplant journey.

2. It recognizes one company can’t do it all. HIMSS intentionally designs the use cases to require collaboration. Much like the real world of healthcare, true interoperability success will require multiple vendors and workflows to work together seamlessly. In a 2018 use case, our electronic health record (EHR) platform launched another EHR platform’s SMART on FHIR app from within our solution.

3. Preparation shows. The event isn’t until February, but weekly preparation sessions start in October. Companies – often competitors outside the interoperability showcase floor – must collaborate to figure out the workflow. By January, HIMSS will sign off on a working integration. There are multiple checks and balances to make sure it is a valuable use of attendees’ time.

4. It’s not about making a sale. A lot of important sales conversations are happening throughout HIMSS19, and this is an essential part of the overall event. But within the interoperability showcase, you’ll have access to developers and solutions managers from a wide range of companies, all focused on better health information exchange.

5. It clearly promotes collaboration. Each story is well branded; you can see who’s doing what, and how the hand-offs are working between participants. From the biggest players to the smallest shops, everyone has a seat at the table.

Allscripts is all in for the 2019 HIMSS Interoperability Showcase, Feb. 11-15, 2019 in Orlando. We’ll be participating in multiple user stories, showcasing different solutions and connectivity with a wide range of vendors.

I expect another great experience, where real collaboration and good work can show the promise and possibilities of interoperability. Hope to see you there.

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