User Experience (UX), Usability & User-Centered Design

As the demand for improved hospitality in healthcare grows, so grows the need to improve the overall experience for its consumers.
Informatics is the interdisciplinary study and use of information in healthcare, and it is more than data collection, analytics and information transfer. How we interface with others can greatly influence human information behavior and affect the ultimate success of our efforts.
Michigan Medicine’s commitment to reduce and eliminate the stressors of provider burnout led to a productive look at how the organization’s ambulatory faculty were being supported to improve year-over-year efficiency and proficiency with their EHR.

General Education

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NeilGomesChief Digital Officer & EVP Tech. InnovaThomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health
PaulaScariatiMedical Director, Health InformaticsDignity Health
YaaKumah-CrystalCore Design AdvisorVanderbilt University Medical Center
SubhaAiran-JaviaAssociate Professor of Medicine, UPenn; Chief Medical Officer, TrekIT HealthUniversity of Pennsylvania Health System