IT Professional

This session will use a live hack demo to discuss the risks of open connectivity and how to secure those risks and the speakers will show how hackers connect to an inadequately protected computer, get past an insecure password, put malware on the system and use that malware to remove sensitive information
This session will focus on how to find talent and keep it in healthcare technology. The speakers will cover several different roles in healthcare technology, including support, implementation, development, and management.
Discover a standardized, repeatable approach for managing your portfolio of applications, controlling the intake of new requests and evaluating the quality of projects.

General Education

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CharlesJaffeHL7 International
BrianDixonResearch ScientistRegenstrief Institute, Inc.
SubhaAiran-JaviaAssociate Professor of Medicine, UPenn; Chief Medical Officer, TrekIT HealthUniversity of Pennsylvania Health System
GregoryMooreVice President, Google Cloud Healthcare & Life SciencesGoogle, Inc