Health Information Exchange or Interoperability


The presentation will discuss the current and emerging features of FHIR, including enhanced client content, analytics and decision support; share examples of how FHIR is being used, including real-world case studies; discuss FHIR Accelerator projects; explain the experience of Argonaut and Da Vinci; and identify communities of interest for leveraging FHIR, like clinical research and genomics and how they can complement each other to incorporate market experience in addressing specific verticals.
This presentation reveals how widely opioid data is exchanged among providers via health information exchanges (HIEs) into clinical electronic health record (EHR) workflows today, and how we need to more broadly supplement that exchange with data from state prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) so it’s also available inside EHRs.
Health information exchanges are too important to let them grow stagnant. HealthShare Exchange (HSX), the HIE serving the Greater Philadelphia area, has now taken pioneering steps in expanding its business lines and partners to define new roles for HIEs.

General Education

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Lenel James
Business Lead for Health Information Exchange and InnovationBlue Cross Blue Shield Association
Jay Nakashima
Executive DirectoreHealth Exchange
Jaime Bland
Chief Executive OfficerNebraska Health Information Initiative
Amit Trivedi
Director, Informatics & Health IT StandardsIHE USA
Sonia Chambers
Executive DirectorWest Virginia Health Information Network