Healthcare Applications & Technologies Enabling Care Delivery

This presentation will cover the guiding principles of this initiative as well as the approval and review processes, key findings, and implications for other health care organizations.
The speakers will dive into best practices and share results for how their strategies have improved patient access, increased patient satisfaction, and provided opportunities for provider retention.
This session will provide an overview of next-generation technology like robotic process automation (RPA), block-chain, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud and how best to strategize, select and implement these capabilities for progressive healthcare organizations in order to optimize business operations.

General Education

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PatrickCourneyaExecutive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and HospitalsKaiser Permanente
SubhaAiran-JaviaAssociate Professor of Medicine, UPenn; Chief Medical Officer, TrekIT HealthUniversity of Pennsylvania Health System
AdamSzerencsyMedical Director, Ambulatory InformaticsNYU Langone Medical Center