Disruptive Care Models

In this session, executives from Eastside Health Network (EHN) —a clinically integrated network with more than 1,300 providers, 185 practice locations, and two large health systems — will discuss their successful, progressive value-based care approach.
This session will cover the broad range of data that can be collected now and in the near future, some of the technical challenges associated with managing this data, as well as the system changes that will be required in order to be able to utilize this data to improve care and outcomes.
This session provides an overview of the challenges multi-hospital providers face in creating an integrated, data-driven episode-based care model and the capabilities needed to ensure financial and operational success.

General Education

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KarlPoterackMedical Director, Applied Clinical InformaticsMayo Clinic Hospital
JenniferWaterburySenior Bundled Payment EngineerAdventist Health System