Biomedical Informatics or Healthcare Informatics


Interdisciplinary data interpretation and management, both clinically and operationally, is the standard in current medicine. Established interdisciplinary centers, such as organ-specific tumor boards, meet weekly to discuss the optimal patient care pathway.
This session will focus on CDI reduction through multiple initiatives including clinical decision support to guide ordering patterns, staff education to raise awareness, laboratory testing techniques to reduce false positive rates, and supporting environmental services to prevent transmission.
A tremendous amount of data is generated and stored in US hospitals, including data captured in the EHR/EMR and various diagnostic devices, systems, and other sources. As devices evolve, the volume and granularity of data increases. Researchers, clinicians, and hospital leaders are investigating ways to harness this data in order to improve patient outcomes.

General Education

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Bram Stieltjes
Vice President, Research and Analytic Services, VC of Research in RadiologyUniversity Hospital Basel