William D. Kirsh, MPH, DO

Chief Medical Officer
Sentry Data Systems, Inc.
As Chief Medical Officer and a founding partner of Sentry, Dr. Kirsh has been actively involved in the development, construction and deployment of Sentry’s applications. Dr. Kirsh is a published author and clinically certified in family practice, geriatrics, hospice and palliative medicine. Dr. Kirsh founded eAppeals, LLC, a technology company that simplified the handling of insurance claims appeals, and was awarded a patent from the US Patent Office for a unique electronic insurance appeal process. He was residency trained at The Johns Hopkins University and actively practices acute care medicine at various local hospitals. Dr. Kirsh has served as Special Assistant to the Governor of the State of Florida, Health Aide to US Senator Bob Graham, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer for Foundation Health Plan of Florida and was the Vice President of Medical Affairs and Quality Assurance at Physician Corporation of America, Inc. Additionally, he is a founding member and Executive Vice President of International Health Initiatives, a not-for-profit organization that focuses on using technology to bring health care to underserved populations.Mercurial Superfly low