Vele Galovski

VP Research
Vele Galovski is vice president of research for Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA). Using his nearly 30 years of industry experience, he has consistently helped companies both large and small drive double-digit top-line growth with a proven retain, gain, and grow strategy. He has been integral in transforming business models of companies in the industrial equipment, healthcare, and enterprise IT industries. The commoditization of product feature functionality and the acceleration of 'As-a-Service' consumption models are forcing manufacturers to change from traditional CapEx models to customer outcome-based approaches. These models require the development of new organizational capabilities, digital value chains, and new offer types. Vele has enabled operational success through benchmarking assessments, frameworks for best-of-breed operations, best practice research, keynote speeches, advisory workshops, and two annual studies (Compensation and Workforce Practices; and Spare Parts, Logistics and Supply Chain). His areas of expertise include Internet of Things (IoT), big data, remote services continuum, business transformation, and development of outcome offers. Vele has also written a book, The Perpetual Innovation Machine, which describes a holistic approach to management based on ambitious goal setting, data driven analysis, skillful prioritization, inspiring leadership, and the lost art of employee engagement.