Varda Shalev, MD, MPH

Director, Institute of Research and Innovation
Maccabitech, Maccabi Health Services
Prof. Varda Shalev, MD MPH, is the Director of the Institute of Research and Innovation at Maccabitech, the innovation center of Maccabi Health Services (MHS), Israel’s second largest Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) which serves more than 2 million patients. With an MD degree from Ben-Gurion University Medical School, she completed her residency in family medicine and was awarded an MPA in Public Health Administration from Clark University. After a two-year fellowship in medical informatics at the Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Prof. Shalev established the Department of Medical Informatics at MHS and was responsible for planning and developing its computerized medical systems. She pioneered the development of multiple disease registries to support chronic disease management and served as the director of primary care division in MHS. Shalev's research interests include epidemiology, medical informatics and predictive analytics in community healthcare. She is a member of the European Health Telematics Association and the American Medical Informatics Association. Prof. Shalev is also an Associate Professor at the Tel Aviv University School of Public Health, where she lectures on big data and medical informatics. She has authored or co-authored more than 310 publications in peer-reviewed journals.
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