Ursula Huebner, PhD

University AS Osnabrueck

Ursula Huebner is a full professor of Medical and Health Informatics at the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrueck and a pioneer of Nursing Informatics in Germany for more than 20 years. Since that time she has been an advocate for inter-professional cooperation in the field of Medical and Health Informatics. She serves as the International Co-Chair of TIGER (Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform) and has represented TIGER at major international conferences such as MEDINFO, NI and MIE. In her role as co-chair, she leads the TIGER International Informatics Competency Synthesis Project and is a partner in the EU*US_eHealth_Work project. Dr. Huebner is head of the Health Informatics Research Group at her university, a group of researchers who have a focus on Continuity of Care, Patient Safety & Health IT Education and IT Adoption Research/IT Benchmarking. She is member of the OECD eHealth benchmarking team, member of AMIA, GMDS (German Association for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology), where she serves as board member, HL7 Germany, the Association of Germany University Hospitals and other health informatics societies. Ursula Huebner is editor of the book “eBusiness in Healthcare: From eProcurement to Supply Chain Management” published by Springer London and author of more than 100 publications. Since 2002, she regularly issues the IT Report Healthcare (www.it-report-healthcare.info) that includes recent data on the adoption of health IT systems in European countries. After graduating from Duesseldorf University in Psychology she had worked at the Department of Neurology Duesseldorf University Hospital before she spent 10 years in industry research at a major international IT company (Bull S.A. Paris France and Cologne Germany). Dr. Huebner was also  the conference chair of the Annual National Conference on Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology GMDS2018 in Osnabrueck, Germany.