Thyge Knuhtsen

Director, Healthcare Industry Solutions
Thyge Knuhtsen currently serves the Director of Industry Solutions for AT&T Healthcare. He is tasked with recognizing industry trends, analyzing AT&T's product mix and orchestrating solutions to deliver client value. Thyge holds / has held CCNA, AWS:SAA & IBM: Certified Architect credentials. With over 8+ years of healthcare industry experience as a technical architect, Thyge has developed solutions in all sub-verticals of the industry. Thyge served as the Lead Architect for the following solutions / products: - "IBM Counter Fraud Solutions for Healthcare" - "Watson Analytics for Clinical Informatics" - "Municipal-Grade Blockchain for Actualizing E-Voting" - "Reimagining Healthcare Benefits and Enrollment with Enterprise Blockchain" Thyge has presented at all major healthcare conferences, published several technical papers and currently has four blockchain patents pending. He works hard to maintain technical proficiency while keeping his focus on solving healthcare client pain-points. Thyge holds a B.Sc. Management Information Systems, a B.Sc. Supply Chain Management from the University of Arizona and is a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. In his spare time, he enjoys endurance sports, chess, economics and researching blockchain technology.
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