Tammy Grausgruber

Enterprise Radiology Senior Analyst
Bon Secours Health Systems Inc
Tammy have been a systems analyst within the healthcare field since 2007. Tammy originally started within Bon Secours as the system analyst for the GE Centricity Perinatal product. The system implementation started within one Richmond facility, and then her role as lead project manager was extended to three other VA Bon Secours labor and delivery departments. These applications were further developed for patient documentation and fetal monitoring in L&D, and then extended into the mother infant and nursery departments. When asked to join the Enterprise Radiology team in July of 2009, Tammy took on the role of Radiology Information Systems Manager of Bon Secours Siemens Novius system (Syngo Workflow). Tammy became proficient in the Nuance PowerScribe and GE PACS application and as a backup analyst. Tammy has been lead special project manager on numerous cutting-edge projects. One such project was a dose monitoring system which captures patient radiation dose. This system captures many configurations, alerts and reports on dose criteria set by governing organizations for patient safety. Another application has been the NucleusHealth product -- RadConnect. As the lead, it was important to implement this application securely and cost-effectively to help departments share images within the patient’s continuum of care physicians.