Stephen Holtzman

Stephen Holtzman attended Dartmouth Medical School where he earned his MD degree in 1995.  He completed his entire postgraduate medical training at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center including a general internship in internal medicine, radiology residency and interventional radiology fellowship.  He earned a Master’s degree from The Dartmouth Institute in 1996 where he focused on continuous process improvement.  After graduating in 2002, Stephen joined Radiology Associates of San Luis Obispo.  He took over the leadership role in 2010.  In 2013, Stephen worked with a top Lean consulting firm to help his radiology group start a Lean Transformation. Over the next 3 years, Dr. Holtzman helped lead a cultural transformation of his group. Based on the success of this transformation, he was invited to give a talk in 2014 at the California Radiological Society’s Annual Leadership Summit where he shared the stage with Giles Boland, MD, the then Vice Chair of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Dr. Holtzman designed a radiology report continuous improvement system where his group makes daily improvements.  The goal is to use IT tools to create higher quality radiology reports with less time and effort. Since 2013, his radiology group has improved efficiency so much that stress levels have plummeted and his group saved 2 FTEs at a savings of $910K annually. Dr. Holtzman was inspired to spread the benefits of Lean to others in the community and started a Lean/Six Sigma training program in San Luis Obispo where his staff and other local companies, predominantly in healthcare learn about how to use Lean and Six Sigma techniques to improve their processes. In 2013, Dr. Holtzman also co-founded a company that is dedicated to improving the patient experience, quality of care and joy of practicing medicine while decreasing the costs of care for society.