Stephen Agboola

Research Scientist
Center For Connected Health, Partners Healthcare
Dr. Stephen Agboola is an Instructor at Harvard Medical School and also the Associate Director for Research and Analytics at Partners Connected Health. With an extensive background in Preventive Medicine and quantitative methods, Dr. Agboola’s expertise is in designing rigorous research methodologies to evaluate connected health interventions in clinical trials. He directs the evaluation and dissemination of connected health solutions, as well as leads efforts to develop data analytic capabilities across all phases of connected health innovation which includes data mining, predictive modeling, creation of algorithms and machine learning tools. Dr. Agboola’s goal of improving access to high quality equitable healthcare, promoting wellness, preventing diseases and limiting the complications of chronic diseases motivates him to exploit the ubiquity of modern technologies to find innovative means of engaging patients. His research is focused on optimizing health outcomes by finding novel strategies to facilitate home monitoring, enhance health coaching and patient self-management; and improve patient-physician communication and the efficiency of clinical workflows. He is also interested in finding innovative strategies to enhance the relevance and implementation of connected health interventions in real world settings.