Stephan Schug

Chief Medical Officer
Stephan Schug is a family doctor by education with degrees in Medicine, Psychology and Public Health. He acts as Chief Medical Officer of EHTEL and has a long track record in European eHealth, mHealth and telemedicine with a focus on interoperability and clinical innovation. Since 2000, he supports the strategic development of the EHTEL multi-stakeholder platform by e.g. managing the agenda of the yearly EHTEL symposium, acting as Editor-in-Chief of the website, newsletters and various publications. Stephan also coordinates the EHTEL/ELO network of national/regional eHealth Competence Centres. Stephan is part of EHTEL’s mission to foster Digital Skills for the eHealth Work Force via the H2020 funded EU*US eHealth Work project. For the project, he chaired various round tables, also in the framework of the EU-US Memorandum on Health-IT and spoke at HIMSS spot 2017. Over 15 years, Stephan is engaged in projects preparing the ground for interoperable eHealth services like JAseHN and Antilope, as well as standards in ICT for AHA (PROGRESSIVE) etc. As representative to the EU eHealth Stakeholder Group (eHSG), Stephan led 2012 – 2014 the process towards eHSG Recommendations on Telemedicine linked to the Digital Agenda for Europe. Currently, Stephan manages the eHSG Stakeholder liaison towards the eHealth Network of European Member States and the EU project CEF eHealth, i.e. the preparation of eHealth Digital Services Infrastructures. Stephan is involved into strategic European projects on Integrated Care and telehealth like SCIROCCO, United4Health, RENEWING HeALTH and MOMENTUM. Within Germany, Stephan provides international policy and project support to Health-IT actors like the gematik, the Health Ministry of North-Rhine Westphalia and Centre for eHealth and Telemedicine for NRW. As President of DGG e.V. - Forum for eHealth and AAL - he provides eHealth networks in Germany with a cross-border and global dimension.