Simon Noel

Chief Nurse Informatics Officer
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust
Simon has many years’ experience working in acute nursing, mainly in adult intensive care, but moved into the field of healthcare informatics in 2002 when he took over the management of the local intensive care information system. From here Simon has been closely involved with healthcare information systems on a local and national level, specializing initially in critical care information systems and then spending some time working on bedside blood transfusion, where he represented the organization on a national and international level, advocating safe transfusion practice through enhanced digital systems, which has seen his local trust adopt the most extensive and integrated end –to-end transfusion management system in the UK. As part of this process, Simon has been a significant contributor toward the development of the organizational electronic medical record system and has used his knowledge and experience to assist in the evolution of safe and effective use of the patient record. Since 2017, Simon has been the lead nurse for the EMR in Oxford. This role is a bridge between the EMR development team and the clinical nursing workforce and Simon provides a professional lead on the development and evolution of EMR functionality, in order that it provides an effective platform for the provision of appropriate and safe patient care. To facilitate this, Simon works with a team of Nursing Digital Leads and he also takes a leading role in the EMR oversight and program development process.