Sharon Pacchiana

Principal Health Systems Analyst, Health Informaticist
The MITRE Corporation
Sharon is an experienced health care practitioner and has worked as a public health nurse, nurse practitioner and health informatician for over 30 years, including serving in the military for 22 years and currently working at MITRE. During this time, she has experienced a vast number of assignments in clinical settings at local, regional, and national levels. Throughout these experiences, the capability to provide care in outpatient and inpatient settings have given her a valuable perspective of addressing informatics from the informatician, provider, and patient perspectives. She has leveraged this knowledge in her current work with MITRE, including serving as the clinical lead for the Adapting Emergency Preparedness and Response Guidelines to the Digital Age (Clinical Decision Support) Project, supporting the Centers for Disease Control Prevention to develop clinical decision support for responding to an anthrax exposure and documenting a repeatable process from guideline creation through implementaton and exaluation. Additonally she is clinical subject matter expert to the CDS Connect, including developing CDS in support of the Agency for Healthcare research and Quality. She is also the task lead for the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Chief Medical Officer Workforce Development Program, including defining informatics roles for supporting the required capabilities, developing role profiles for the 28 roles identified, and developing a learning and development program for those roles at the operational, local, regional and headquarters levels.