Shannan Moynihan

Deputy Chief, Space and Occupational Medicine, Deputy, Chief Medical Officer
NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
Dr. Shannan Moynihan is the Deputy Chief of Space and Occupational Medicine at the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC). She is also the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for JSC. In her current roles, Dr. Moynihan oversees the flight surgeons and clinic physicians on site. In addition to oversight of the Flight Medicine Clinic and the Occupational Medicine clinic at JSC, she manages and supports the branch responsible for medical care and medical operational support of the astronauts who are both on the ground and in orbit. Dr. Moynihan graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with degrees in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering as well as Biology. She pursued her medical degree at New York University and her Emergency Medicine Residency at the University of Florida. While at the University of Florida she helped to support several Space Shuttle launches as part of the support team. After graduating from her emergency medicine residency, she traveled to Houston TX to complete a residency in Aerospace Medicine and a Master of Public Health degree. She is board certified in Aerospace Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Dr. Moynihan began her career at NASA by spending several years supporting US astronauts who were training in Russia, where they learned about the Russian portion of the International Space Station and Russian launch and landing operations. She has supported over 6 ISS expeditions as a crew surgeon, including the support of launch and landing operations in Russia and Kazakhstan. During her missions, she has helped train her crew on medical conditions and how to care for them, supported her crew during their on-orbit phase of the mission through NASA’s telemedicine capabilities, and cared for her crew when they returned to earth after an average of 6 months in space. Her love for the bridging of medicine and technology continues to drive her goals and pursuits in the area of Aerospace Medicine.
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