Shannan Moynihan, MD, MPH

Deputy Chief Medical Officer
NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

Dr. Shannan Moynihan is a NASA Medical Officer and Flight Surgeon assigned to the Johnson Space Center. Dr. Moynihan joined NASA in September of 2008, and prior to that was a Wyle/UTMB Flight Surgeon for 4 years. During her time as a Wyle/UTMB Flight Surgeon her main responsibilities included supporting US astronaut training in Russia and in Houston, and supporting real time mission operations. She has supported multiple Soyuz launches and landings, while working with both US astronauts and space flight participants. She is currently assigned as crew surgeon for both short duration and long duration missions. In addition to operations, with a focus on Russian operations, she supports clinic and training. She is board certified in Aerospace Medicine and Emergency Medicine.