Servio Medina, CISSP,MA

Chief, Cybersecurity Oversight, Governance, and Strategy
Defense Health Agency, Deputy Assistant Director –
Servio Medina serves as the Defense Health Agency (DHA) Cybersecurity Oversight, Governance, and Strategy Branch Chief where his current work focus includes harmonization of policy objectives for Army, Navy and Air Force medical commands migrating to the DHA and the new Medical Community of Interest (Med COI). His tack is to communicate, clarify, and, only if really needed, create cybersecurity policy. Servio's tenure in the Military Health System began in 2003, which has focused primarily on cybersecurity and HIPAA Security. Prior to joining the DHA as a Federal employee, he worked as a cybersecurity policy consultant for 12 years. Earlier, Servio adjunct lectured mathematics at the University of Florida (at which he earned a Masters in Mathematics), and then taught the same at Stetson University in Deland Florida as a member of the faculty. In 2001 he was awarded a Hand Course Development Grant at Stetson University: “Introduction to Cryptology” with Dr. Hari Pulapaka, who continues to teach and improve the course today. Servio continues to innovate ways to make cybersecurity awareness contagious, and remains a recovering educator with 10 years teaching mathematics. Other interests include Cycling, Ultimate Frisbee, Japanese, and keeping up with his three kids and wife.
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