Sary Beidas

Associate Program Director
Orange Park Medical Center
Dr. Sary Beidas is a board certified clinical informatician. In addition to his active practice in medicine & infectious diseases, he has been involved in the application and education of clinical informatics since the late 1990's. In 2009, he implemented MAPS, a physician productivity software suite in DoD for over 350 physicians and in 2010-2015 was the CMIO & chief of CISID at Eisenhower Army Medical Center. In 2012, he received a masters degree in clinical informatics from OHSU. Since 2013, Dr. Beidas has been teaching a graduate course in clinical informatics at National University in San Diego. Currently, Dr. Beidas is associate program director at OPMC IM residency in Orange Park, Florida. In addition to his role as clinician-educator, Dr Beidas provides research mentoring and guidance on resident initiated research projects. Dr. Beidas has implemented 2 unique curricular activities in residency; the first is the Computational Thinking Practices curriculum and the second is Clinician-Educator curriculum. Using R programming software, Dr. Beidas has been teaching R to physicians in training at OPMC in Orange Park, Florida. R provides a platform for teaching physicians computational thinking practices (data, visualizations, simulation, modeling, systems theory, abstraction, and problem solving skills). Dr. Beidas has presented his work at World Congress in Boston 2016, AMIA 2016, and StanfordX Ed in 2017.