Sarah Jenson

Analytics Director
Health Catalyst/Allina Health
Sarah Jenson is director of analytics at Allina Health and also at Health Catalyst. Sarah aspires daily to help healthcare organizations drive improvement through data. She received her master’s in sociology and has supported Allina Health’s analytics achievements for nearly a decade, and continued in that role after Allina Health outsourced its analytics department to Health Catalyst in 2015. By creating a process to identify unwarranted clinical variation, she and her team have identified millions of dollars in potential savings for Allina Health through cost savings, lives saved, and quality improvements – specifically this has resulted in reductions in spine cost of care, improvements in stroke care delivery, and efficiencies in sepsis treatment. Prior to her time at Allina Health, Sarah spent several years working in healthcare market research helping insurance providers and healthcare systems better understand their brand perception, gauge member onboarding processes, measure patient experiences and outcomes, identify new market opportunities, as well as aiding in other research needed to support key decisions at the highest level.
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