Sally Haws

IS Application Analyst / Project Manager
Madison Memorial Hospital
Sally Haws has been working at Madison Memorial Hospital for since 1985. Sally started her 32 years as a Data Entry clerk, then Supervisor, about the time that computers and technology really started to take off. The Information Systems department was created, then separated from Data Entry. Sally continued in Information Systems and worked her way up and into the new technology. Today, Sally is an IS Application Analyst and Project Manager. Madison Memorial Hospital is currently implementing Cerner CommunityWorks and Sally has serveed as the Project Manager for the HR/Payroll, GL/AP apps. She has also overseen the transfer of interfaces from Madison Memorial's current HCIS to Cerner, ie. Logical Ink, MedEx, VidiStar, Respironics, 3M 360 coding and various other applications and processes. Sally also manages computer access/log in for employees and vendors to their network and software applications.