Shahryar Sedghi

Blockchain Solutions Architect
Shahryar Sedghi is a Blockchain Solutions Architect and a member of IBM Blockchain Garage team. He was one of the early adopters who brought new ideas in Healthcare by embracing Blockchain. Recently Shahryar has focused on distributed identity use cases in Healthcare, and various methodologies to protect patient’s right. He is actively involved in learning customer use cases, map it to Blockchain and offer them the best solution to pave their way to a Blockchain future. Prior to this job, Shahryar was a Middleware Architect with a proven track record at many large Middleware implementations throughout the world in Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail and Manufacturing. This is Shahryar’s 41st year in the industry, that started as COBOL developer in 1977 while he was still in College. Shahryar joined IBM in 1997. Although Shahryar has witnessed the birth of many exciting technologies throughout his career, he thinks Blockchain is the most intriguing one.
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