Russell McCulloh

Assistant Professor
Children's Mercy Hospital
Dr. Russell "Rusty" McCulloh is Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine at the University of Kansas City-Missouri in Kansas City. He practices infectious diseases and hospital medicine at Children's Mercy Hospital and the University of Kansas Medical Center. Dr. McCulloh is Director for Decision Aid Development for the American Academy of Pediatrics-sponsored national clinical practice improvement project entitled "Reducing Excessive Variation in the Infant Sepsis Evaluation (REVISE)." He also is the Director for Research in Hospital Medicine at Children's Mercy. Dr. McCulloh's research focuses on improving the care of children facing acute illness, particularly severe infections. To that end Dr. McCulloh has completed national and international research projects focused on assessing and improving the clinical practice of infants with suspected or proven sepsis (serious illness due to infection) and other acute infections. His work has been used to update national clinical practice recommendations for managing acute pediatric respiratory infections and for managing suspected infant sepsis. Dr. McCulloh also directs a pediatric clinical trials unit funded by the National Institutes of Health that aims to increase engagement of children and families in clinical research. Dr. McCulloh's work aims to make the best possible evidence accessible to families and healthcare providers in a way that enhances their decision-making so that children receive the best possible medical care regardless of geography or socio-economic status.
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