Ronald K. Loo, MD

Chair, Kaiser Permanente Inter-regional Chiefs of Urology and Physician Co-lead of Kaiser Permanente Health Innovation Team
Kaiser Permanente
Dr. Ronald Loo has over thirty years of experience as a Kaiser Permanente Urologist, was Regional Chief of Urology and is currently the Regional Assistant Medical Director of Performance Improvement. Although he has a vast portfolio and knowledge base of Kaiser Permanente and Innovation, it’s Dr. Loo’s heart that makes him one-of-a-kind. Every day he asks himself, “How can I make the world a better place today?" Dr. Loo has been critical in implementing new, innovative clinical programs, as well as leading performance improvement efforts across Kaiser Permanente. These initiatives have included everything from piloting and nationally implementing a shared decision tool for prostate cancer with the Care Management Institute to developing a new robotic surgery program recognized as the most productive and efficient robotics program in the world. Most recently, Dr. Loo has championed an internal capital asset distribution model to better utilize existing ESWL equipment, where $500,000 annual savings were sustained, modeling an equipment-sharing program later implemented across 22 Kaiser Permanente facilities in Southern California.