Robin Farmanfarmaian

CEO and Co-Founder
Robin Farmanfarmaian is an entrepreneur, angel investor and author who believes that technology can empower patients and make a positive impact in the health and medical field. She focuses on the future of integrated medicine, the changing role of patients in healthcare decision-making and how technology will change the way we experience and interact with medical facilities and physicians.
She currently serves as president of i4j ECO, an Innovation for Jobs conference; senior vice president at the Arc Fusion Summit, a biotech and medtech conference; co-founder and executive director for the Organ Preservation Alliance;  and vice president of business development with INVICTA Medical, a device company for acute care/post anesthesia and sleep apnea. She is an adjunct faculty member at Singularity University and a contributing writer to Wired, Forbes, Huffington Post, MedGadget, Becker’s Hospital and Fierce HealthIT. Her books include “The Patient as CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer” and “The Thought Leader Formula: Strategically Leverage Your Expertise to Drive Business & Career Goals.”

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