Robert Stevens

Executive Director and Head of Digital Strategy and Medical Innovation
Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Robert Stevens is executive director and head of digital strategy and medical innovation in U.S. Clinical Development and Medical Affairs at Novartis, where has worked since 2005. Robert is responsible to the U.S. chief scientific officer for developing and implementing a transformative digital and innovation strategy for U.S. Medical Affairs. He serves on the Novartis U.S. Pharma Leadership Team, U.S. CDMA Leadership Team, and U.S. Medical Innovation Board.

Robert actively seeks out partnerships with academia (including tech transfer departments, accelerators, and incubators), digital start-ups, large tech companies, and venture capital and private equity firms. He also serves as a mentor to digital health start-up companies through Start-Up Health, Tech-Stars, and Jumpstart Foundry among others. Examples of companies Robert has identified early on and helped develop entries into the pharmaceutical industry include, DocuSign, and Figure1.

Some of his core interests include digital virtual assistants, voice-enabled technologies, digital sensor technologies, wearables, AI/ML applications, experiential HCP and patient education through VR/AR/XR, diagnostic Chatbots, digital therapeutics, beyond-the-pill solutions, and other emerging digital and innovative capabilities that can ultimately optimize patient care.