Rebecca S Busch

President & CEO
Medical Business Associates
Rebecca Mendoza Saltiel Busch, RN, MBA, CCM, CFE is the founder and CEO of Medical Business Associates, Inc. (MBA), established in 1991 as a minority, woman-owned Medical Data Auditing and Healthcare Consulting firm. Rebecca attributes her company’s success to the development and implementation of a unique analytical work-flow process: “Interactive and Iterative Behavioral Model, System and Method for detecting Fraud, Waste and Abuse”, that identifies all critical tasks, conditions and standards that promote a stable, dynamic and scalable health-care business. In addition to authoring six books (Electronic Health Records: An Audit and Internal Control Guide (2008), Personal Healthcare Portfolio: Your Health & Wellness Record (2010), Healthcare Fraud: Audit & Detection Guidebook(2012), C-Suite Revolution: Re-Engineering Healthcare in the Era of Data Intelligence (2015), Leveraging Data in Healthcare (2016), and her latest Patient’ sHealthcare Portfolio: A Practitioner’s Guide to Providing Tools for Patients (2017))Rebecca has been granted seven U.S. data analytic design patents (pharmaceutical applications), 1 U.S. patent pertaining to “Electronic Health Record Case Management Systems”, and patents pending on an “Anomaly Tracking System”, and an “Interactive and Iterative Behavioral Model, System and Method for Detecting Fraud, Waste and Abuse”. She serves as an adjunct professor for a Healthcare Fraud, Examination, Risk Management, and Compliance Certificate program. As an active member in the local and national healthcare, philanthropic, and professional community, Rebecca has served on various boards. In the boardroom, she used her professional experience and leadership skills in order to achieve results with integrity, effectively integrating community stakeholders, while maintaining focus on corporate missions. Rebecca is the recipient of the 2015 Women of Influence Award by the Chicago Business Journal. Recognized as an expert in her field, Rebecca has